Thursday, April 23, 2009

First days at home!

Me and my little man! He is the most precious thing ever. Little did I know that I could love something so much! This was taken when he was 5 days old. We were on our way to his first doctors appointment. He is doing well but is still losing weight. We go back on friday to reweigh him to make sure he starts gaining weight. He is such a good baby and I can't stop staring at him. I love to look at him and watch his every movement and facial expression. He seems to change every day.

He found his thumb! How adorable is this?

Daddy reading Wake his first story...Curious George and the Fire Fighters. Aren't they adorable together?

Wake sleeping on his daddy. Daddy loves every minute of it!

His first bath at home. I just love this picture!

He did not like it so much if you can't tell. He hates to have his diaper changed and does not like bath time either.

He is starting to like his little bouncer. It has taken some getting used to as he did not like it at first.

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Danielle said...

Oh, he's so precious! And you look fabulous!