Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's a BOY!!!!!

We are proud to announce that we found out today that we are having a Baby Boy! Here is a profile picture...and you can see his mouth is open. He is already adorable in our eyes! He was moving all over the place and it took the tech a little while to get him to move right so we could see his "boyishness"! ha ha! Here is another picture that shows he is a boy indeed. If you can see, the arrow is pointing to his little pee pee...hee hee!!!! I am currently at 19 weeks but he is measuring at 20 weeks. He is already a big boy! His heart rate is 152 beats per minute.

Monday, November 17, 2008

First baby bump picture!

Everyone has been asking to see my belly. This picture was taken at the end of 17 weeks. I still feel more fat than pregnant. I am anxious for it to actually look like a baby. I am starting to also feel a little movement. No big kicks yet, but definitely fluttering and movement. It only happens every so often, it hasn't gotten very consistent yet.

Daddy's 31st Birthday!!!

Shawn turned 31 this past weekend on November 15th. We didn't do too much as we are cutting back and preparing for the baby to be born. We did go out to dinner with some friends and family though. Here are a few pictures. One is of our friends, Justin and Natalie. They are actually due to have their baby girl, Jenna, this weekend. She is also having her's at the same hospital we are having ours, so we can't to visit and see what it is all like.

We bought the babies furniture!

Shawn and I went to Babies R Us this weekend and found our baby's furniture. We have looked around and could never agree on anything. Everything was either too ugly or too expensive. So when we found this furniture and both agreed we had to get it...especially since it was on clearance. Here are a few pictures for you. (the ensemble in it is the one I want if we are having a girl....haven't decided yet if we have a boy)

The chair swivels and rocks and the fabric is an ivory chenelle. I love is so comfy!!! The crib is also a lifetime crib. It will turn into a toddlers day bed and then into a full size bed. If you can't tell, the wood is black. Now I just can't wait to get the room all decorated. But first we must find out what we are having!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We have been busy!!!

We are finally glad to be back and have some time ahead of us without so much planned. We just got back from Hickory, NC. We had so much fun and enjoyed seeing family and friends. We had beautiful weather that was on the tad bit cold side. But coming from Florida, it was a nice change. The colors were awesome and we had such a great time. We were able to visit with Shawn's Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bennett along with his brother and sister-in-law. I also got to see some friends along with a special little girl in my life, Cami. We had a blast and I have posted some pictures below...

As you can see I look very prego in the picture above. I have started to pop out and it is really weird. I am officially out of my clothes and in maternity clothes. Although, some are still a little big at times. I am ready to look pregnant rather than fat!!! I heard the heart beat again and we are scheduled to find out the sex at the end of November. We can NOT wait! I am doing better as I have more energy and don't get as sick as often.