Saturday, December 5, 2009


Here are some pictures of Wake and Fiona. They are only 4 months apart. They are going to have so much fun together. Wake now tramples all over Fiona, but I have a feeling that he better get it in now as the older she gets, the more she will have the upper hand. (Girls always do) LOL! They are so cute together.

Random pictures and events...

Wake shopping on Black Friday

Daddy and Wake at the Town Center for the lighting of the tree

Wakes first time eating a real banana

Attempting to trim his hair...he did NOT like it!

Swinging at the Park

We took Wake to the park for the first time. He absolutely loved the swing. He smiled and laughed and got upset when we tried to take him out. It was funny because he ended up getting really sleepy the longer we let him swing. I of course was a nervous mom as dad tried to swing him really high. I can see how the future will be...daddy will be the fun one!!!

Look at his poofy just flew in the wind!!!

Wake's 6 months pictures

Once again, thanks to my best friend, Jenny, she took some awesome pictures of Wake and our family. Hard to believe that he is 6 months (now 7 1/2). How time flies! He is just about crawling and a lot more vocal. He "creeps" everywhere and no longer stays in one place. He is such a joy to have and we love every minute of him. Here are a few of the family pics and of Wake.

One of our favorites

He's all grown up looking in his Jaguar hat

I just love this picture...he got so excited!

Wake in his fire boots...look at those chubby legs!

Another one of my favorites

Animals everywhere!

Wake and I went with Jenny, Carlos and Charlie to the zoo and had a great time. It is exciting to do all the "Firsts" with Wake, even if he doesn't really understand yet. I wonder what his favorite animal will be. Charlie said hers was the Zebra. He did so good and we had a great time. The weather was perfect, the only thing missing was...Shawn as he had school.

Looks like a bunch of monkey's in this picture...which ones Wake? LOL!

Wake just loves his Charlie

We even got to to feed the Giraffes

Wake's First Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Aside from me having to work that morning, it was a fun day of spending time with family. We ate great food and had lots of fun. Here are a few pictures of Wake dressed and ready to go!

Wake and his cousin Keegan

I think he's posing...

Look at those adorable shoes...Nothing like sporting Vans as his first shoes (thanks Aunt Leila)!

Wake's First Halloween

I don't think he was very happy...

Nothing like a little drool!!!

This Halloween was an interesting one. Wake ended up getting sick the week before with a stomach bug. Then Shawn ended up getting sick the day before but was able to feel a little better for Halloween. I started to feel yucky on Halloween but never got real sick like the other two did. We took Wake to Adventure Landing and it was super hot but he was able to dress up and entered a costume contest.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ready for bed...

I just had to take a picture of him tonight. He was bathed, lotioned up, dressed and ready for bed. But I just had to keep him up a little while longer and play with him as I was not ready to say good night. Here he is sitting up all by himself in our bed. Isn't he just the cutest guy ever?

Our little man!

Here are some pictures of another mini photo shoot he had with Jenny...LOL!!! It will be one of many I am sure. I don't think I can see Jenny without having her take some pictures of our little guy. He is just the cutest little boy ever. Jenny does such an awesome job. Wake is 5 1/2 months here. She will be taking his 6 months pictures very soon.

Wake's First Disney World Trip!!!

We just took Wake to Walt Disney World for the first time. We went with our best friends Jenny, Carlos and Charlie. I would have to say that Wake was the best baby ever as I was worried as to how he would do being that he is so young. He loved every minute of it. He sat in the stroller and just loved looking at everything going on around him. He slept during the "Its a Small World" ride as he must agree with his mommy in thinking that it is a very boring ride...LOL!!! He also got to meet almost all the Disney characters. It will be neat to take pictures of him with the characters as he gets older to watch how he grows. I think Minnie was his favorite... :)

Wake and Charlie...waiting for the monorail
Our little "shark bait" the Nemo ride

Daddy, Wake and Goofy

Mommy, Wake and Minnie

Mickey Mouse...he watches him every morning on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Wake asleep wearing his "1st Visit to Disney" pin

Our happy little family

Wake on his first carousel ride