Sunday, December 7, 2008

Here is a small video of our 19 week sonogram. It was taken on November 26th and that is when we found out we were having a baby boy! I took a small part of the video with my camera so I hope it comes out okay. Isn't he just precious!

Here is also a picture of my 20 week belly. (Half way there!!!! Yeah!!!) It was taken a week ago. I have noticed that some days I look bigger than other days. It also depends on what I am wearing that day.

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Sandy said...

Hey kids,

I just have to say, I'm so proud to be a gramma!! I want all the world to know!! It softens my heart to see, you Christy, my first born, soon to have a child of your very own....Its such a pleasure to watch you during this special time in your life....And I have to say you do have a special glow, honey. I wanted to let you know as I continue to watch the video of Wake every day, I become more in love with him. He seems so full of life already and can't wait to make his arrival to all of us. There just aren't enough words to say how very excited I am to hold him for the first time and to enjoy every moment from then on making memories with Wake. But best of all will be to watch you and Shawn become the best parents ever!! I love you both. <3<3<3

The proudest gramma ever!!