Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feeling our baby boy kick, punch, stretch and flip...

I am now feeling our baby boy kick me like crazy. He can be very active some days and it is a wonderful feeling. He has also found a cozy little spot really low in my stomach and I think he uses my bladder as a pillow. It causes me to have a lot of pressure and to use the bathroom constantly. But I just can't explain how much of a wonderful feeling it is to feel him move around inside me. It creates such a bond that I can't explain how much I love him already. I just can't wait to meet him!

I have also been dealing with another issue. I have always wanted to be pregnant and have a child. So to me, this is one of the most exciting times in my life, aside from marrying the man of my dreams! However, I have struggled a little. It is mind boggling at how RUDE people can be. I have heard more negative things than positive (moreso at work). I hear how "fat" or "chubby" I have gotten, been asked how much I ate over the weekend b/c I look "huge", been told I look "really pregnant and big" (in the beginning of the pregnancy) and then now get odd looks and comments on days I have have a tighter shirt on. (even if it is a pregnancy shirt) I have to remind people that I am growing a human being inside of me with all these comments. I know a lot of it is in jest, but really. I get negative comments about the name we have picked and they always voice their true opinions no matter how rude they are. I have even had people say that they are not as excited b/c it is a boy...I mean, are you really that picky. I am having a baby and didn't know that it mattered whether or not it is a boy or girl. Overall, I am struggling enough with gaining weight and having my body change, so all these comments make it even harder. I just feel I need to share this with others as I would have never imagined that I would have to experience this. I think it is sad how others can make such a wonderful experience seem so bad at times. But I am doing my best to not listen to these comments and not let my mood swings kick in and over react.


Jennifer Ring Photography said...

Oh, Christy, that is just awful to hear! Who on earth would ever say anything but wonderful things to you or any pregnant woman for that matter. You shouldn't have to deal with stuff like that at all. I know how you feel about the name thing too. I heard it all myself, but who cares!!! (Charlie's grandpa calls her "Isabella"- he won't call her Charlie.) It's your baby and you & shawn have the privlege of naming him what you want, raising him how you want...he's your little man. Ignore these rude people that make you feel this way. I know it's mostly work people- they are obviously jealous of what you have: a happy, new marriage to a wonderful man, you are GOREGOUS pregnant or not, and now you have a new little family member to be thrilled over.
I'm so excited that you are feeling Wake moving all around- as much as you can't wait to see him, you will miss those kicks and punches. (Speaking of punches...I wish I could tell those peeps a thing or 2!!!)
I love you!! And I can't wait to see you.

Sandy said...

Hey honey,
Try not to listen or worry too much of what other people say. People really don't think before they speak. Its just how our society has become....sad, isn't it? I agree, they're all just jealous, though. Never the less, all that should matter is how wonderful this experience of being pregnant should make you feel. Its definitely a precious moment that will always be special and you'll always be able to share that with him someday just as I do with you. I, too, can't wait to feel him kick or move inside of you. Its just the best feeling just knowing that my grandchild is growing inside of you and anxiously waiting to greet his mommy and daddy outside, not to mention his favorite puppy, Tinkerbelle... :)
I'm so proud to say, you are living your fairytale dream....

I love you, sweetheart.
<3 <3 <3 MOM

Danielle said...

Hi Christy,

News flash: People are idiots!

During my pregnancy, I have been exposed to a whole new realm of stupid things people say. Just do your best to ignore them and remember that now is the ideal time for you to be freely bitchy back (you can totally blame the hormones!)

I hear you on the name thing, too, which is why we simply stopped telling people what name we have chosen. It's much harder for people to express their dislike for something as trivial as a name when there's a beautiful baby attached to it. Make 'em sweat it out and wait!

It sounds to me like your baby boy is growing healthy and strong -- and that's all you need to focus on now. Within time, we'll both get those hot college bodies back (hopefully ... )!!

Terry said...

Hey Beuuiful!! Screw 'em!! You are pregnant...having a baby..like you said growing a human being inside you. You are beautiful!! I just wish I could see you and give you a big hug!! Love You!!

Uncle Terry