Saturday, September 6, 2008

We had our First Doctors appt!!!

Just wanting to update everyone as we had our first doctors appt this week. First off, it was the longest appt every! They threw so much information at us that we both don't remember half of it. But this did confirm the pregnancy as that has been a strange fear of mine to find out that I am no really pregnant. (then how would I explain all these crazy symptoms) lol! But our estimated due date at this time is April 19th. I will be eight weeks as of tomorrow. The more exciting news is that we go next week for our first sonogram. We are both VERY excited! I will do my best to try and post some pictures when we get them. So be on the look out!

As for me turning 30, Thank You to everyone that had called to wish me a happy birthday! It was a crazy day with work and then going out to dinnner. Shawn was awesome. He sent me flowers, took me to a nice dinner, and bought me an awesome new stereo system for my car. I can't wait to get it installed. It was a great day and we are going to dinner with all the aunts and uncles tonight for dinner. I can't say that turning 30 was great, but my friends and family did all the could to make it an awesome day! Thank You!!!

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