Friday, September 19, 2008

Our first picture of our sweet baby!

Last friday we went to the doctor for our first sonogram. I would have to say that it was quite amazing. We both sat there in awe about what we were really looking at. Kind of made things seems a little more real. We were not able to hear the heart beat yet but we were able to see it on the screen. It was going so fast. The picture doesn't show you much but what we got to see in person was amazing. He/she is just the size of a little peanut but growing fast. We are going to be ending our 9 weeks this week. We hope to hear the heart beat at our next dr. appt in october.

As for me I feel very very FAT!!! I still fit in my clothes but barely. I think I am eating too much because it is not baby at this point. So needless to say my self confidence stinks because I just feel and look miserable. Shawn is being a great support though. Its tough to feel so big when your not even showing yet. I eat a lot but more little things throughout the day as I can't really eat really big meals anymore. (depends on the day) ha ha! But I have noticed that I have more energy when I workout...the problem is getting myself to work out :). I have been doing good though. As for nausea...its better but still comes and goes. But definitely better. I think I have a hang on how to eat throughout the day to not let myself feel so yucky! As for now things are good!


Jaclyn said...

the updates are so great! First baby pictures, how exciting! Glad to hear all is going well.

Jaclyn xx

shawn said...

Hey Honey! I just want you to know that you are the most beautiful woman ever! Nothing could make me happier than knowing that someone as kind and smart and flat out awesome as you is going to be the mother of our child. You are so very special to me, and you get cooler by the minute! :)

love you
yur husb.

Jenny said...

isn't shawn just a little sweetie!!
I can finally add comments- yippee. I'm so happy for you and shawn. I know that you have never wanted anything more than to have a family of your own. You are living the fairytale! And I love your little pnut and can't wait to spoil him (or her...but probably him) rotten. Charlie will be his love you guys!