Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting more and more ready for his arrival!!!

We recently received two Awesome gifts from Shawn's sister, Leila! I took pictures of Shawn trying to put them together. We were like to little kids on Christmas and couldn't wait to put them together to see what they looked like. It makes us even more excited to see all this cute stuff that baby Wake is getting. I just wish time could go by quicker. Thank you Leila for everything as it is so greatly appreciated!!!

I am also adding a picture of me at 24 weeks. Shawn took is on New Years Eve before we went out to dinner.


Melissa Bramblet said...

Hey Christy! You look so pretty in this pic!! Looks like you are having lots of fun getting ready!It's always exciting to open all the baby stuff- I was the same way!

Wilson Photography said...

Boys are so much FUN!! Enjoy every minute of it, before you know it they are taller than you saying..."Mom...Don't kiss me in front of my friends!" LOL!