Friday, October 23, 2009

Wake's First Disney World Trip!!!

We just took Wake to Walt Disney World for the first time. We went with our best friends Jenny, Carlos and Charlie. I would have to say that Wake was the best baby ever as I was worried as to how he would do being that he is so young. He loved every minute of it. He sat in the stroller and just loved looking at everything going on around him. He slept during the "Its a Small World" ride as he must agree with his mommy in thinking that it is a very boring ride...LOL!!! He also got to meet almost all the Disney characters. It will be neat to take pictures of him with the characters as he gets older to watch how he grows. I think Minnie was his favorite... :)

Wake and Charlie...waiting for the monorail
Our little "shark bait" the Nemo ride

Daddy, Wake and Goofy

Mommy, Wake and Minnie

Mickey Mouse...he watches him every morning on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Wake asleep wearing his "1st Visit to Disney" pin

Our happy little family

Wake on his first carousel ride

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