Saturday, August 16, 2008

Learning the Changes that are going on in my body!

I must say that there have been some crazy feelings going on inside. I have had slight waves of nausea here and there, heavy bloated feelings, crampiness and I am constantly tired! The tiredness is really hard on some days and makes getting through a day at work tough. But then other days its better! I am also reading up on whats going on with the baby. As of now it has become an embryo, started nerve development and is starting to develop a face. We are getting ready to start the 5th week and I go to the doctor on September 4th. One day after my 30th birthday! ahhh!!!! I will fill you in as more happens.


Terri Woolard said...

Congratulations Christy! I am so proud of you and for you. You will make a fantastic mom. Happy birthday! I remember celebrating several of your special days when we lived close enough to visit! I am going to surprise all of you by flying out to Jacksonville someday.
Again, congrats!

Love you,
Terri Woolard

Jennifer said...

Yippee! I am so happy and excited for you and Shawn. Being pregnant is an awesome and amazing time...there's nothing like it! You are going to love it (once you get past the yuckiness in the beginning!) Just take care of yourself and RELAX! I love you guys and can't wait to read more about Baby McKenrick!

Leila said...

Aloha Au Ia`oe (Congratulations)
Oh, to think of another McKendrick...
Thank goodness Shawn got on it, or the McKendrick name would die out!!
Erik and I are sooo happy. Now I have to save to fly back.
Auntie Leila.... has a nice ring to it! :)